Trim Healthy Mama Plan by Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett

As some of you might know, I wrote a review about the cookbook that accompanies this plan and you can find that review here.

I have been noticing the spread of the Trim Healthy Mama plan all across the internet over the last couple of years. There are many women, and even men, that claim to have a wonderful life change when they are following the plan laid out in this book, Trim Healthy Mama Plan by Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison.

This newly revised, condensed version of their previous book, has their plan of eating healthfully without all the fad diet extras written out in an easy to understand, sometimes humorous, easy to follow plan. When I was searching the internet to find more information about the plan, I came across posts about S & E meals and was entirely confused, but after reading this book, I see that those meals not only make sense, but couldn't be easier to implement into my life.

What I love the most about the plan....You aren't depriving yourself of anything. Yes, you still eat carbs, you still have the meat you want, and there are even times where you can have sweets. {There are plenty of sweet recipes in their cookbook.} According to the testimonies, you can eat all the things you love, within reason, and still lose weight.  There is just a little trick in how you go about doing that, but you will have to read the book to find that out.

Barrett & Allison filled the pages of this book with everything that you need to know about their plan and so much more. There are even specific sections for vegetarians, men, purist, fast-food lovers and more.

Anyone can do their plan.  This plan is great! I have already started to follow it and feel so much better even though it's only been a couple of days.

{Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for my honest opinion.}