Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook by Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison

Over the course of the past couple of year I have been hearing a LOT about the Trim Healthy Mama diet plan. Everywhere I turned on social media I saw THM and have been wondering what it meant and what the plan was. The creators of THM, Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison, have created a companion cookbook, Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, to go with their meal plan that is supposed to help make staying on their plan very easy.

The cookbook somewhat explains the plan, but they have another book that completely lays out the foundation of their get healthy, eat great plan. What the cookbook is filled with is over 350 mouth-watering recipes and images that make you want to run to the store, grab all the ingredients for about 10 recipes, and then head home to make every. single. one.

Even thought this book is geared towards helping you lose weight and get healthy there is no shortage of fun and tasty recipes. They have covered the basics of sweets, breakfast foods, main dishes, and condiments. They also included 1 pot dishes, crockpot dishes, and drink recipes. Barrett and Allison are busy moms and to keep inline with what the like for their life, they wanted to make sure their meals/recipes were easy to make.

Being health conscious doesn't mean sacrificing taste and they have created a cookbook that shows off all the amazing flavors non-processed {for the most part} food can have.

What I really love about the cookbook is that the author's personalities are shown throughout the pages. There are little jokes here and there, they have special names for certain ingredients and there are family pictures. It's more like having a cooking class with friends than a formal cookbook.

Some of the extras included are:
  • List of essential kitchen tools.
  • Descriptions of some of the lesser known ingredients.
  • Tips throughout the book on how to make the recipes well.
Now, I'm off to read the companion book to make the most of the cookbook. I think this is necessary if you fully want to follow the plan, but you can still use the healthy recipes on their own.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion.}