Brave Enough by Nicole Unice

We all have fears. We are all scared, even just a little. Nicole Unice addresses this in her new book Brave Enough: Getting over our fears, flaws, and failures to live BOLD and FREE. 

There are times in our lives where we are in need of courage to change, but would never classify ourselves as brave. Unice challenges the concept of brave and shows us that we don't need to be society's standard of brave...we just need to be brave enough for us.

This is the first book written by Unice that I have read, but her writing style was easy to read and personal. She spoke to my heart and helped me feel at home with finding my level of brave, which doesn't necessarily involve skydiving or rock climbing.

I love how she included personal stories along with biblical examples of what brave really looks like. This book was encouraging, motivating, moving, and at times introspective. It was easy to read and a joy to journey through.

I know that I don't have to be brave, per-say, but instead "Brave Enough" for my life. I would venture to say this is my favorite book of 2015 so far. It was fantastic.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.}