Just Sayin' & Dare U 2 Open This Book by Carol McAdams Moore

Teaching my kids the gospel isn’t always easy.  Sometimes they get bored with mom teaching them, other times things seem a little out of reach.  Carol McAdams Moore has helped reach my children’s hearts in a way that I think has been really over looked.  In Dare U 2 Open This Book and Just Sayin’ she has taken God’s word and made learning it fun for older elementary and tween age children.

Both of these book include 90 devotionals for your children.  Dare U 2 Open This book is for boys and Just Sayin’ is for the girls.  The devotions in these books are based on practical biblical principles.  They are teaching kids God’s word and all about His glorious love for us, all the while, doing it in a way that helps engage kids and keep them entertained.

Now, I am not saying that kids need to be entertained to learn God’s word, but some children learn differently.  There is a way to learn for every child in these devotionals. There are times where Moore has you journaling and then doodling so she addresses each childs way of learning which help reach a child no matter what their learning style is.

What I love the most about these two devotionals is that she is talking their language.  She is not talking down to them, but instead makes the book feel like a conversation with their friends. 

Easter is coming up soon and these devotionals would make a wonderful addition to a grown-up Easter basket.  Transition from the kiddy devotionals to adult devotionals but using Just Sayin’ and Dare U 2 Open This Book as a midway stop.  They are fantastic and you will be so happy you did.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of these books from the Z Blog Squad program in exchange for my honest opinion.}