Unbridled Faith by Cara Whitney

I have had a long desire for having a stable filled with horses since I am a country girl. There is just something very majestic about horses that help you feel loved and seen. They can give you their full attention and only want your love in return. The same can be said about God and how He wants our full love, and in return, He will help you feel love like you have never before and very much seen. In Unbridled Faith by Cara Whitney she combines her love of horses and her love for God into a wonderful devotional that will transport you to a ranch and show you God's love all at the same time.

This hardcover devotional will literally take you to the farm through the amazingly gorgeous photographs that fill the pages. If you have even a small amount of love for horses you will find yourself getting lost in pictures of life on the farm and beautiful horses. Each page has a full color image that goes perfectly with the devotional that it's paired with. I found myself getting lost, flipping the pages, just so I could see more and more of the beauty present.

As for the devotionals, they are short and quick. You don't always need a long drawn out devotional to get your point across to the reader and Whitney does a wonderful job of that in few words. You can see the presence of her love of God and she shares this with the reader fully. What I loved is that she wrote about two of her passions, God and horses, and takes the reader on a journey to find God, on the farm.

If you know someone who loves horses and their faith, this would be the devotional for them. It would make a great gift since it's so beautifully presented with the hard cover and perfect size.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}