Little Critter Little Blessings Collection by Mercer Mayer

When I was a kid, Little Critter books were some of my favorite books to read. I could sit for hours just enjoying the adventures that Little Critter when on. Back then, I didn't realize the lessons that could be learned from them, but now, as a parent, I see that there is so much to these stories above and beyond just the simple reading. Now, at the time in my life, I am thrilled to see that Little Critter is still relevant and there are even new books being created that I can share with my kids. The newest one is Little Critter Little Blessing Collection by Mercer Mayer and included 4 stories that will be an enjoyable read, along with teaching a wonderful character lesson to your kids.

If you are familiar with the Little Critter books then theses stories will be a fond reminder of past years and be used to the format and way of writing by Mercer Mayer. If you are not, you will find that these stories are easy to read, quick, and very entertaining. Little Critter will get himself into a lot of "issues," but will eventually find out that doing things his way doesn't always work. In the four stories included in this collection your child will be show 4 different, yet important character traits that will make them a better person.

The 4 stories are:

1. You Go First---This one teaches your child that being first isn't always the best thing. Sometimes letting others be first can be more rewarding.
2. It's True---In this story your child will be shown that lying is never good and will lead to more than just a small problem.
3. Being Thankful---If your child is having a problem with wanting everything they don't have and not being grateful for what they do have, this is the story to read. It's all about gratitude.
4. We All Need Forgiveness--- Forgiveness is hard and there are times where we need it the most, but yet don't offer it to others. A great story with a wonderful lesson.

I loved this book and will continue to enjoy Little Critter with my family. I like how each one of these stories turned the lesson back to what God would want, but I would have like a little bit of extra help when it comes to the biblical side of the story. It would have been nice to have some sort of scripture reference for each story, but I can always look those up. Overall, this was a great addition to our library and a fond reminder of some of my favorite childhood books.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}