With All Due Respect by Nina Roesner & Debbie Hitchcock

The tween/teen years are not easy for the child, but they are just as hard for the parents. Trust me...I know! The kids are pushing all boundaries and taking risks that most parents would not like to see happen. The problem lies in creating a relationship with your tween/teen that is prosperous, strong, and filled with love without having them think you are being over-bearing, pushy, and just plain mean. With All Due Respect by Nina Roesner & Debbie Hitchcock has been a life-given book filled with hope and encouragement that I can use during these LONG, HARD years.

With All Due Respect walks you through 40 days of dares that will help build and nourish your relationship with your teens. Some of the dares include: inviting their friends into your life, helping your teens to navigate any conflict that arise, respectfully considering the request of your teen, and many more. Each dare is bionically sound and starts off with a few scriptures. At the end of the dare Nina and Debbie have included some reflection questions in the "What about You" section. These are great for using as journaling prompts and helping you take inventory of your actions that lead to how your relationship is going. Each dare officially ends with a wonderful prayer to help focus your heart and mind.

I really enjoyed reading this book since it's very applicable to my time in life right now. It's been and encouragement and inspiration. With the help of this book and my bible I know I can have a wonderful relationship with my kids in their teen years and beyond. I HIGHLY suggest this book for any parent, whether you have tweens/teens yet. They will eventually get there and you can be prepare for those trying years.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.}