NIV Beautiful Word Bible by Zondervan

Beautiful art mixed with biblical scripture placed in journals or into your bible makes for a wonderful combo that has been recently dubbed bible journaling. It’s everywhere and oh so beautiful. There are even new bibles that are being created just because of this new trend and one such bible is the NIV Beautiful Word Bible.

This hard-back bible has the NIV well known translation, but what makes this bible unique is that there are 500 illustrations that can’t do God’s word justice, but they are amazing to look at. There are full page illustrations along with small side-bar images. All of the images are well drawn and fit with the verse they go with perfectly.

Since this is a single column bible there is plenty of room for you to add your notes or even journal yourself and still be able to read your bible. But, what I loved the most was seen when I took the dust cover off the bible. On the front there is a gorgeous image that reminds me to trust God. I like this bible better without the dust cover...It’s just stunning.

This bible would make a great gift for anyone that loves art, drawing, or just really likes pretty things that inspire.

{I received a copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}