NIV Artisan Collection Bible from Zondervan

I love getting the opportunity to review new bibles.  There is just something about seeing God's word in a new design or in a new layout that brings a sort of freshness to His love story. I especially love seeing new journaling bibles, because I have really been wanting to take my study a bit deeper by taking notes or drawing in my bible so they make this part of my life a little bit easier.

The NIV Artisan Collection Bible that Zondervan has just released is a beautiful journaling bible with  a stunning feel and look. I love that the bible itself is the NIV translation because that's the one I use the most and is the most widely used when it comes to the studies that I used in my women's Sunday school class. The cover and other little features are what caught my eye though and pulled me in.

The copy that I received was the pink, hardcover edition. It it beautiful to say the least. It has a gorgeous bright pink cloth cover over hardboard and it's adorned with beautiful flowers and a reminder of God's love for you. But...when you open the bible you see all the little extras that make this an amazing gift bible for that special woman in your life.

The publishers thought about all the small details that make this bible so easy to use and keep for years. In the margins of the pages there are lines for you to record your thoughts or draw pictures if you are into bible journaling. Normally with journaling bibles the print is super small, but not with this one. They even thought about making it easy for you to read because they print is a great point size and keeps you from straining your eyes. One of the other little features that I loved was the fact that there wasn't just one ribbon, but two. I know this might seem inconsequential to most, but I love being able to keep my place in two parts the bible, especially if I am studying something that has me referencing different sections, which I often do.

I really enjoyed this bible and would highly recommend it for any woman who loves beauty in their life and loves to spend time in God's word. This would make a wonderful Mother's Day present as I know it would be treasured for many years.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}