Finding Selah by Kristen Kill

We are all longing for peace. A peace that brings calm during the hardest times and biggest storms of our lives. A breath or rest that only God can provide. In Psalms this was "selah" and was specifically written in the bible to give us an example for our lives. The only problem is that we live a world that glorifies being busy and we are never finding our selah. Kristen Kill decided that she was going to show the world how she has found her selah during the most chaotic times in her life in the book Finding Selah.

In Finding Selah, Kill very openly and transparently shows the reader how her life has been going. From a huge move to New York from the west coast, to dealing with health issues, and even finding bed bugs in her NYC apartment she takes you on a ride that you pray and hope you will never have to endure. She has definitely not had the best of times during this particular season of her life. What she also displays to the read is that she made it through all of the the valleys and peaks by turning her ear towards God and looking for the small moments of selah that existed in her very chaotic life.

Now, as for my opinion on the book itself, I am torn. It was nice to see that I am not alone when it comes to all of the "issues" that I have residing in my life, but I guess at the same time, I expected a little more. I went into this looking forward to seeing how I could grasp my moments of selah and hoping that Kill could offer up some tips and ideas for specifically creating those moments or being more observant of them. Mainly I was just reading a book where she tells me about how hard her life was at that time and how she found some rest during all the storms. 

I liked the book, but just hoped for more. That's the best way to put it. 

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}