The Mediterranean Love Plan by Stephen & Misty Arterburn

Marriage isn't easy and we all know that it takes some work. But did you know you could have fun also. In The Mediterranean Love Plan by Stephen & Misty Arterburn, they show you 7 secrets to having a wonderful marriage that isn't boring or stale. 

We have all heard about how relationships have a completely different "feel" in other countries and the Mediterranean countries have been known for their passionate, bold relationships. The Arterburns attempt, with this book, to give you some tips that you can implement into your marriage to make it hotter and passionate. A marriage on fire, per say. 

They were completely successful in their attempt to give you a "Grade Amore" as they say in the beginning with the contents of this amazingly written and funny book. Some of the secrets you might think about as common sense, but there might be one or two that will surprise you. As you learn about the 7 secrets you also get to take a peak into their marriage and travel around the world a little bit and see how marriages are in a different country than yours. 

The Seven Secrets are: 

The Secret of Attunement
The Secret of Playfulness
The Secret of Savoring Food
The Secret of Enjoying Beauty
The Secret of Creativity
The Secret of Health and Longevity
The Secret of Blending the Sacred with the Sexual

What was the best about this book is all the motivation it offered me to work towards making my marriage more passionate, more Mediterranean. It was an easy read, but filled with SO MUCH to make your marriage a love for the ages. I also liked that they weren't showing me how great their marriage and throwing that in my face and offering up unreachable expectations for me to accomplish. Everything they talk about in this book, you and I are capable of doing. It's all implementable. 

Probably the best marriage book I have read to date.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}